What does Smexy mean?

Smexy equals Smart and Sexy

Ever heard the term ‘Smexy’? This cool piece of slang is a fusion of ‘smart’ and ‘sexy’. It’s a compliment that praises both your good looks and your intelligence. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

When someone calls you ‘smexy’, they’re not just talking about your appearance. They’re also commending your brains. This term is a perfect antidote to the stereotype of the attractive but dim-witted individual.

So the next time someone calls you ‘smexy’, smile and say thank you. They’re telling you that you’re the full package: attractive and smart. It’s the kind of compliment everyone would love to receive!

Example for using ‘Smexy’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new guy in our class? 😍

Yeah, he’s totally smexy! 🀩

Right? He’s smart and good-looking! 😏

Exactly! The perfect combination! 😍