What does Feat mean?


Ever noticed ‘Feat’ in the title of a song and wondered what it means? It’s pretty simple. ‘Feat’ is an abbreviation often seen in music, especially song titles. It indicates that an artist, who isn’t usually part of the group or band, has contributed to the song.

For instance, if you see a title like “Party Night Feat. John Doe”, it means John Doe, who is not a regular member of the group, has added their talent to the song. This could be in the form of singing, rapping, or even playing an instrument.

So next time you see ‘Feat‘ in a song title, you’ll know that it’s not just a random word. It’s a way of giving credit to artists who have helped bring the song to life but aren’t part of the main band or group.

Example for using ‘Feat’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard that new song?

Yeah, the one with Drake?

No, it’s actually by Travis Scott feat. Drake.

Oh, so Drake is just featured on the song?