What does Gat mean?

‘Gat’ is a slang term for ‘Gun’

Gat is a slang term which is actually derived from the name of a type of gun known as the Gatling gun. But in a broader sense, it’s often used to refer to any type of firearm in common parlance.

This word was popularized by the band P.O.D. in their hit song, Youth of the Nation. In the lyrics, they say, “told the world how he felt with the sound of a gat”. This line refers to expressing one’s emotions or thoughts through the act of firing a gun.

So, if you hear someone using the word “gat”, they’re most likely not talking about a Gatling gun specifically, but rather just using it as a general term for any kind of gun.

Example for using ‘Gat’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new action movie? The hero was so badass!

Yeah, he was amazing! Especially when he pulled out his gat and started shooting!

Haha, yeah! That scene was intense! πŸ”«

Totally! The sound of the gat added so much excitement to the movie! πŸŽ₯