What does FFS stand for?

For f***’s sake

Getting irked during online gaming or while scrolling through social media feeds? You’ve probably come across ‘FFS’. It stands for ‘for f***’s sake’ and is widely used to show annoyance, frustration or disappointment. It’s like saying “I can’t believe this” or “What the heck”.

This term has its roots in phrases like “for Christ’s sake” and “for God’s sake”. But instead of showing concern for a higher power, it drops an F-bomb. It’s a touch dramatic, like a lot of slang that includes the f-word.

If you’re looking for a less vulgar way to express your exasperation, consider using ‘SMH’ (shaking my head) or ‘OMG’ (Oh My God) instead of FFS. These alternatives can convey your feelings without the use of profanity.

Example for using ‘FFS’ in a conversation

Ugh, the bus is late again. FFS! 😑

I know, right? It’s so frustrating! 😀

I’ve been waiting for ages. This is ridiculous! πŸ™„

FFS, they need to get their act together! 🀬