What does FTA stand for?

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On social platforms like Reddit, users often use abbreviations to save time and communicate more effectively. One such abbreviation is FTA. This term is typically used when users want to reference information from an external source like a news article or a magazine story.

For instance, if a user named Alex is having a discussion about domestic policies and wants to share some facts from a published article, he might quote the text and introduce it with FTA. This way, other users know that the information comes from an external source and not Alex’s personal opinion.

Since its inception in 2005, Reddit has introduced a host of such acronyms and abbreviations. Some others include AMA, AMS, CMV, and AITA. These terms have become part of the unique vocabulary used by the Reddit community.

Example for using ‘FTA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that article about climate change?

Yeah, I read it. FTA, it mentioned how rising temperatures are affecting wildlife.

That’s crazy! FTA, it also said that carbon emissions are a major factor.

Definitely! FTA, it’s important for us to take action and reduce our carbon footprint.