What does FUPA mean?

Fatty upper pubic area

FUPA stands for “fatty upper pubic area” which is the region between the belly and groin. It’s a term you often find in fashion blogs, forums, and on social media, where it’s used mostly to critique women’s bodies and their style of dressing.

While both genders can have a FUPA, women are usually the ones receiving negative comments about it. The presence of a FUPA is often due to being overweight, but some women naturally have a FUPA even if they are healthy. Pregnancy can also lead to the development of a FUPA.

People used to feel embarrassed about having a FUPA, but things started changing in the 2010s. Thanks to social media and campaigns promoting body positivity, there’s been a shift in how people perceive their bodies. Nowadays, more people are choosing to embrace their FUPAs and VBOs (Visible Belly Outline), proudly wearing clothes that highlight these features, endearingly referred to as their “human fanny packs.”

Example for using ‘FUPA’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term FUPA?

Yeah, it stands for “Fatty upper pubic area.” It’s like a pouch of fat on the lower belly, right?

Exactly! It’s often mentioned on social media and fashion blogs to criticize women’s bodies.

That’s so unfair. Both men and women can have FUPAs, but women are usually targeted.