What does FYL stand for?

F*** your life

FYL is a quick way to say that someone’s life is taking a rough turn. It’s often used to empathize with someone who’s going through a tough time, like a break-up or a death in the family.

Let’s say your buddy tells you his cat just passed away. You could respond with, “FYL, dude. That’s really tough.” Or if your cousin tells you about getting fired, you might say, “That’s rough. FYL. Let’s grab some beers?”

This term might also come up in response to someone saying FML. For instance, if a friend texts you saying, “I dozed off and accidentally erased my whole project. FML,” you could respond with, “FYL, mate.”

Example for using ‘FYL’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, guess what? I just got a parking ticket. FYL 😩

You: Oh no! That’s the worst. FYL indeed. πŸ˜”