What does G2GGS2D stand for?

Got to go get something to drink

If you’ve received a message with the acronym G2GGS2D, it’s a quirky way of saying “got to go get something to drink.” Essentially, the person who sent it is telling you they’re thirsty and about to step away from their computer to quench their thirst.

There are several other acronyms that could serve the same purpose. For instance, BRB (be right back), JAS (just a second), or HOAS (hold on a second). But the person you’re chatting with decided to use G2GGS2D, a more complex and less-known acronym to indicate their brief absence.

So, if you get a message with G2GGS2D, don’t be confused. It’s just a convoluted way of saying that they’ll be AFK (away from keyboard) for a short while to grab a drink.

Example for using ‘G2GGS2D’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Sorry, G2GGS2D. I’m really thirsty.

No worries, take your time! 😊

Thanks! I’ll be back in a few. πŸ‘‹