What does Glizzy mean?

Hot dog

Glizzy began its journey in the world of slang as a term for a gun, specifically a Glock, in the early 2000s. This usage of the term originated in the Black communities of the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan area, where it was commonly used in street language. For instance, in his 2000 hit song, “It’s So Hard”, the rapper Fat Joe mentions having a “glizzy in the stizzy.”

As time passed, the term Glizzy started to be humorously used to refer to hot dogs, due to their similar long shape. This playful twist on the term gained traction online during the 2010s, particularly as a meme highlighting people consuming hot dogs.

In the year 2020, the trend reached the social media platform TikTok, where users, primarily males, began posting videos of people eating glizzys in public. These videos often poked fun at the way people ate their hot dogs and the phallic shape of the food. The people featured in these videos were sometimes humorously referred to as “Glizzy Gobblers” or “Glizzy Gladiators.”

Example for using ‘Glizzy’ in a conversation

Hey, you hungry?

Yeah, I could go for a glizzy.

Haha, you mean a hot dog?

Exactly, they’re the same thing!