What does Grail mean?

An item that is much wanted

When people are on the hunt for a rare or desirable item, they often refer to it as their ‘Grail’. This term is a nod to the legendary Holy Grail, a much sought-after relic said to grant eternal youth to its possessor.

The term is quite versatile and can be applied to any kind of coveted item. For instance, a fan of the Digimon franchise might see a first edition, holographic Agumon card as their grail. On the other hand, a gourmet might dream about dining at El Bulli, considering it their grail.

Interestingly, enthusiasts of particular hobbies often adapt the term to signify their hobby’s most rare or desirable items. As an example, sneakerheads, those passionate about collecting unique footwear, might refer to a much-wanted pair of sneakers as their grails.

Example for using ‘Grail’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what I found today?

What is it?

It’s my grail! I finally got the limited edition Blu-ray box set of my favorite TV show!

Wow, that’s awesome! I know how much you’ve been wanting that.