What does DLDR stand for?

Don’t like, don’t read

DLDR is a term often used in fan communities, standing for “don’t like, don’t read.” This philosophy is adopted by fans who believe that it’s more productive to ignore content they don’t enjoy, rather than criticizing it in a public space like a comment section, forum, or social media post.

More often than not, DLDR is used by fans to discourage others from leaving negative or harsh comments about someone else’s fan-made story or favorite fictional relationship. These fans argue that it’s simpler to avoid content you dislike, instead of spoiling someone else’s enjoyment.

In some instances, creators of fan-made stories or fanfic, use DLDR as a cautionary note for readers. This indicates that their story may have certain elements or plot twists that could be upsetting for some. If a reader isn’t comfortable with the content flagged as DLDR, they are suggested to skip that particular story.

Example for using ‘DLDR’ in a conversation

Hey, have you read that new fanfic?

Yeah, I did. DLDR though.

What do you mean?

Don’t like, don’t read. If you don’t like it, just move on without leaving negative comments.