What does GSTL stand for in eSports?

Global StarCraft Team League

When you hear about GSTL, it’s all about a gaming league based in South Korea. It is brought to life by a company known as GOMTV.

It’s not just any gaming league, but it is specifically centered around the popular game, StarCraft 2. GSTL is where teams of StarCraft 2 players go head to head in some seriously intense competitions.

The whole set-up of GSTL is a tournament style event. This means that teams compete in rounds, working their way up through the competition. It’s a battle to the top, with the ultimate goal of being the last team standing.

Example for using ‘GSTL’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of GSTL? 🎮

Yeah, it stands for Global StarCraft Team League, right? 🌍⭐️

Exactly! It’s this eSports league in South Korea where StarCraft 2 teams compete against each other. 🇰🇷

Oh, that sounds cool! Do they have tournaments and stuff? 🏆