What does GTFOH mean?

Get the f*** outta here

When you’ve had enough of someone’s presence or their point of view, you might tell them “GTFOH“. Picture this, you’re scrolling through Twitter and you see a really bad take, your response? “GTFOH. You seriously need help.”

GTFOH is generally seen as a harsh way to ask someone to leave, due to its use of the strong f-word. So, it’s wise to think before you use it. Yet, it’s not always serious. Some might use it in a light-hearted manner when they hear a silly idea. So, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly as you might be misunderstanding the mood.

Mostly, you’ll find this slang being used online. The internet, particularly social media, is full of heated debates and keyboard warriors. GTFOH is a popular phrase in this space. You’ll come across it in online forums, chat messages, and on social media platforms. But, it’s not just limited to the online world. You might also see it in text messages, particularly when someone is extremely annoyed.

Example for using ‘GTFOH’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe she still thinks pineapple belongs on pizza. 🀒

Haha, right? GTFOH with that nonsense! πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ