What does GTS stand for?

Go to sleep

Often, you’ll see GTS used in online chats or text messages, and it typically means “go to sleep.” This acronym is handy when someone thinks you need to take a break and catch some z’s. They might send you a message with GTS, suggesting it’s time for you to rest.

Another way GTS can be used is when someone plans to go to bed themselves. They may end a conversation or leave a group chat saying they’re about to GTS. For instance, your pal could be wrapping up a late-night conversation and say, “I’m off to GTS, talk later.”

Example for using ‘GTS’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to?

Hey! Just finished studying. GTS soon, I’m so tired 😴

Oh, got it. You definitely need some rest. GTS and have a good night! πŸŒ™

Thanks! I will. Talk to you tomorrow! 😊