What does Gucci mean?

‘Gucci’ in slang means ‘Good’

When someone says “Gucci”, they’re not always talking about the famous Italian luxury brand. In slang, ‘Gucci’ means everything is “Good”, “Cool”, “Great”, or even “Awesome”.

So, you may hear it used to agree with a point someone’s made, or simply to express that everything is okay. It’s like saying, “All is well,” or in this case, “All is Gucci.”

This slang term is borrowed from the world of high fashion. Gucci, the label, is known for its pricey and trendy items. Because of its reputation for quality and style, ‘Gucci’ has come to mean anything that is cool or awesome.

You’ll mostly hear ‘Gucci’ being used by young adults and teenagers, especially those who live in cities. So, next time you hear someone say ‘Gucci’, they’re probably not talking about a new handbag or pair of shoes – they’re likely saying that everything’s good and cool.

Example for using ‘Gucci’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up?

Not much, just finished my workout. Feeling Gucci! 😎

Nice! I’m heading to the movies later. You wanna come?

Sure, sounds Gucci to me! πŸŽ₯πŸ‘