Hot Potting

What does Hot Potting mean?

Taking a dip in an extremely hot natural spring

Hot potting is a popular trend where individuals immerse themselves in extremely hot thermal springs. Much like a soak in a hot tub, this activity is often done as a method to unwind and alleviate stress.

This practice is common in geological hotspots such as Yellowstone National Park, where thermal springs are plentiful. These springs are formed when water heated by the earth’s hotter sections rises to an accessible area. Because these springs can reach deadly temperatures, they are usually cordoned off to prevent people from bathing in them.

Despite the dangers, many people overlook these precautions to enjoy a natural soak. Unfortunately, this has led to fatalities. Since 1870, over 20 people have lost their lives in thermal pools or geysers at Yellowstone alone.

In a tragic incident in 2016, a man named John Doe was hot potting and accidentally fell into a thermal pool while testing the water temperature. The severe burns he sustained resulted in his death. Shockingly, his body completely dissolved due to the extreme heat and acidic conditions of the pool.

Example for using ‘Hot Potting’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of hot potting? πŸ”₯

Hot potting? No, what’s that? πŸ€”

It’s when people soak in superheated thermal springs to relax. πŸ›€

Oh, like in Yellowstone? πŸŒ‹