How Bow Dah

What does How Bow Dah mean?

‘How Bow Dah’ translates to ‘How about that’

‘How Bow Dah’ is popular slang that translates to “how about that.” It’s often used when someone is throwing down a challenge. The phrase shot to fame thanks to a 13-year old girl named Sarah Johnson, who used it during a heated episode of Dr. Phil back in September 2016.

During the show, Sarah, who was there for her disruptive behavior and involvement in unlawful acts, decided to take on the audience. She insulted them by referring to them as “hoes” and challenged them to a fight using the now-infamous line “cash me outside.”

As she spoke, Sarah’s unique accent transformed the words “catch” into “cash” and “outside” into “ousside.” Some people believe she says “dat” instead of “dah.” This distinctive way of speaking made her catchphrase even more unique.

However, it wasn’t until February 2017, nearly half a year after the episode aired, that the phrase went viral. ‘How bow dah’ started to appear in memes and became a hot topic on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Example for using ‘How Bow Dah’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new episode of Dr. Phil?

Yeah, I saw it! That girl with the attitude was crazy!

I know, right? She had this line where she said “cash me outside”. Have you heard of it?

Oh yeah, I’ve seen it all over social media. It’s like “how about that”, but with a street twist.

Exactly! It’s so funny how she says “how bow dah” instead of “how about that”.

Haha, yeah, her accent makes it even more amusing. It’s become a viral catchphrase now.