What does HSMP stand for?

Homeschool me please

HSMP is a slang acronym, often seen in text messages, that stands for “homeschool me please”. It is especially common among students who are feeling overwhelmed or bored with their traditional, structured school classes.

Imagine Sarah, stuck in a dull math class, dreaming about the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling. She might send a quick text to her friend saying, “HSMP!” to express her frustration and longing for a different kind of education.

So, whenever you see the term HSMP in a message, just know that it’s a lighthearted plea for a break from the routine of regular school. It’s not meant to be taken literally, but rather seen as a humorous way of expressing dissatisfaction with the current learning environment.

Example for using ‘HSMP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you understand anything in today’s math class? 🧐

Nope, I’m totally lost! HSMP! 😫

Haha, I feel you! I wish someone could homeschool us instead. 🏫✏️

Absolutely! HSMP would be a dream come true! πŸ™