What does HYL stand for?

Help You Later

If you get a message from someone that says HYL, they’re telling you they’ll “help you later.” This is a common term used in texting, especially by those who are currently preoccupied but still want to help you out.

Also, HYL can be used when setting up plans for help in the future. Say, you ask your roommate, George, if he can assist you with rearranging furniture tomorrow afternoon. George might reply with, “Absolutely, happy to HYL. :)”

Example for using ‘HYL’ in a conversation

Hey, can you HYL with my homework tonight? πŸ“š

I’m really sorry, I’m swamped right now. But I can HYL tomorrow! πŸ˜…

No problem, thanks! HYL! 😊

Of course! HYL too! πŸ‘