What does it mean?

Pumped up

If you’re feeling ‘Hyped’, it means you’re seriously excited. This slang is often used by youngsters, particularly when they’re eagerly waiting for something like a football match, music gig, or a big party. It’s a term that’s really popular among teenagers and people in their early twenties.

‘Hyped’ is a spin-off of the term ‘hype’. Now, ‘hype’ is all about promoting something in a big way. It could be anything – a new video game, the latest smartphone, or even a movie. The idea is to drum up excitement so that more people will want to buy or experience it.

But remember, ‘Hyped’ is just one way to express excitement. There’s a whole bunch of other words that mean the same thing. You might also hear people saying they’re ‘amped’, ‘pumped’, ‘stoked’, or ‘jazzed’. All these words are pretty much interchangeable – they all mean that someone is really, really excited about something.

Example for using ‘Hyped’ in a conversation

I just got tickets to the concert! I’m so hyped!

That’s awesome! Who’s performing?

It’s my favorite band! I can’t wait to see them live.

I’m hyped for you! It’s going to be an amazing night.