What does IAGTKOM stand for?

I ain’t got that kind of money

Ever wondered what IAGTKOM means? It’s a cool acronym often used by teenagers, especially those who don’t have a job. It’s a fun way of saying they can’t buy something expensive or contribute a certain amount of money.

Imagine this scenario. You and your friends are planning to buy a group gift for someone’s birthday. However, one of your friends is jobless and can’t contribute much. That friend might say IAGTKOM, which means they can’t afford to chip in for the gift.

So, the next time you see IAGTKOM in a text or a social media post, you’ll know exactly what it means. It’s a simple way for someone to say they can’t afford something, without going into details about their financial situation.

Remember, slang terms like IAGTKOM can change and evolve over time. So, it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest lingo to stay in the loop. Happy texting!

Example for using ‘IAGTKOM’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new iPhone? It looks amazing! 😍

Yeah, I saw it too. But IAGTKOM. It’s too expensive. πŸ’Έ

I know, right? It’s way out of our budget. πŸ˜”

Exactly! I’ll just stick with my current phone for now. πŸ“±