What does ICWYM stand for?

I see what you mean

When you’re chatting with someone online or sending text messages and they say something that you totally get, you might reply with ICWYM. This acronym is a quick way to let the other person know you’ve understood their point. For instance, if your pal Jenna tells you why she’s not into the whole ghost thing, you could text back “ICWYM”.

Each letter in the acronym ICWYM stands for a specific word. But there’s a unique twist with the “C” – instead of representing a word that starts with “C”, it’s used to sound like “see”. So ICWYM actually stands for “I See What You Mean”. Clever, right?

There’s a whole bunch of similar terms out there that people use to communicate that they understand something. Some of these include gotcha, CC, bet, IGI, and ack. These are all different ways to say “ICWYM” or “I get what you’re saying”.

Example for using ‘ICWYM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that new horror movie last night? It was so scary!

Yeah, ICWYM! I couldn’t sleep properly after watching it. The suspense was intense.

I know, right? The ghost scenes were terrifying!

Totally ICWYM! I had to cover my eyes during those parts.