In Limbo

What does In Limbo mean?

Stuck or waiting

When someone or something is described as being “in limbo”, it indicates a state of uncertainty or being in stasis. This means that the future outcome or status of the person or situation is unclear and may not be determined for some time.

This term “in limbo” actually draws its roots from a religious concept. Specifically, it’s a reference to the Catholic belief of limbo. Limbo is thought to be a place that exists outside of both heaven and hell in the afterlife.

People who are said to be in limbo, akin to the religious belief, are neither in a state of eternal bliss (heaven) nor in a state of eternal suffering (hell). Their status remains undetermined and their situation neither incredibly good nor extremely bad.

Example for using ‘In Limbo’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard from Sarah lately?

No, she’s been in limbo since she submitted her job application.

Oh, so she’s still waiting to hear back?

Yeah, seems like it. She’s uncertain about her future at the moment.