Marmite Character

What does Marmite Character mean?

A person who is either loved or hated by others

When you hear someone referred to as a ‘Marmite Character’, it means that person is someone you either strongly like or strongly dislike, there’s no in-between. This term is widely used because of the extreme reactions people have towards it.

The term ‘Marmite Character’ comes from the popular food spread called Marmite, mostly sold in the United Kingdom. Marmite is a yeast-based spread, with a sticky texture, and a strong umami flavor. Its unique smell and taste have made it a product that people either love or hate.

The word marmite is used in the UK to describe anything, not just food, that brings about strong and divisive reactions. For example, a head of state who is controversial yet has a solid fan base, can be called a marmite character.

Example for using ‘Marmite Character’ in a conversation

I just watched that new movie everyone’s talking about. Have you seen it?

Yeah, I did. It was a marmite character for me. I loved it, but some people hated it.

Oh, really? What was so polarizing about it?

Well, the plot was really unique, and the acting was superb. But some found it too slow and confusing.