What does MP stand for in gaming?

Mana points

In fantasy games such as World of Warcraft (WoW) and Elder Scrolls (ES), MP is a short form for “mana points”. A character’s mana points are an indication of their magical energy or power that they can use to cast spells or use other special abilities.

Once a player’s MP gets exhausted, they lose the ability to cast spells. Hence, if a player says they are “out of MP” or “OOM”, it means they can’t cast any spells until their MP gets replenished. Usually, a player’s MP gets restored gradually over time.

In some other games, MP could also stand for “magic points”. Despite the difference in terminology, the function of MP remains the same in these games.

Example for using ‘MP’ in a conversation

Hey, are you up for a game of League of Legends later?

Sure, I’m in! But let me warn you, I’m a bit rusty.

No worries! We’ll have fun. Just don’t run out of MP like last time πŸ˜„

Haha, yeah, that was embarrassing. I promise to manage my MP better this time!