What does NBJF mean?

No brag, just fact

Cool young people, who are absolutely not showing off, use NBJF to say “no brag, just fact.” This person is surely not flaunting their achievements. They’re just sharing simple, undeniable, humble truths (that just happen to make them look impressive).

Now, if you didn’t catch the sarcasm there, NBJF is generally used by people who are indeed boasting. In fact, NBJF is a way of bragging even more, by claiming that their brag is “just the truth, sorry.”

So, if someone’s use of NBJF gets on your nerves, well, that was probably the intention. It’s a sneaky and playful way of bragging, while pretending not to.

Example for using ‘NBJF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know I got the highest score on the test?

NBJF, I got a perfect score!

Wow, that’s impressive!

NBJF, I’m just naturally smart.