What does NFDL stand for?

Not funny, didn’t laugh

If someone doesn’t find your joke amusing, they might respond with the phrase NFDL, which stands for “not funny, didn’t laugh”. This is a more emphatic version of the shorter acronym NF, used to express that they didn’t find your humor appealing at all.

When NFDL is used to critique your joke, it’s usually a good idea to apologize if you realize your joke was inappropriate or offensive. You can do this by responding with acronyms like srry (sorry), IMS (I’m so sorry), SBT (sorry ’bout that), or SCNR (sorry, could not resist).

If you’re feeling bold and want to stand by your joke, you might respond with TBFU (true but f***ed up). However, be aware that this could escalate the situation, and it’s generally not the best approach.

Example for using ‘NFDL’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard a funny joke today. Wanna hear it?

Sure, go ahead!

Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

I don’t know, why?

Because they make up everything! πŸ˜„

NFDL. That wasn’t funny at all. 😐