What does NMU stand for?

Not much, you?

When you get a text that reads ‘NMU’, don’t worry, it’s just someone saying “Not much, you?” This is a common reply you might receive when you ask someone “What’s up?,” “What’s going on?,” or “What are you up to?”

Usually, the person using ‘NMU’ might be feeling a bit bored and could be looking for something to do. So, if you’re up for it, why not suggest something fun and exciting?

You could propose to meet up IRL (in real life) if that’s possible. Or if meeting up isn’t an option, you both could go online and have a friendly match against some inexperienced players, also known as pubstomping some noobs.

Example for using ‘NMU’ in a conversation

Hey! NMU?

NMU too, just chilling. What about you?

Same here, nothing much. Thinking of going out later. Wanna join?

Sounds good! Let’s meet up and grab some food.