What does Nocoiner mean?

A person who doesn’t have any cryptocurrency

If you’ve got no stash of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or any other cryptocurrency, you might be called a “Nocoiner”.

Originally, this term was used to label those who were skeptical about cryptocurrency and its potential to hold value. But now, it has a broader meaning and refers to anyone who does not own any cryptocurrency.

Most cryptocurrencies use the term “coin” to denote one unit of the currency. For example, if someone has 50 units of Bitcoin, they would say they have 50 coins.

The term Nocoiner has been in circulation since at least 2017. Its usage has grown along with the rise in awareness and popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Those who own cryptocurrencies often use the term Nocoiner to mock or look down on those who don’t own any. So, if you come across this term, it might be spelled differently as “no-coiner.”

Example for using ‘Nocoiner’ in a conversation

Hey, do you own any cryptocurrency?

No, I don’t. I’m what they call a nocoiner. πŸ˜…

Oh, really? So you’re skeptical about cryptocurrencies?

Yeah, I’m not convinced they’ll hold their value in the long run. πŸ€”