On Deck

What does On Deck mean in Baseball?

Second in line to bat

When you hear the term ‘On Deck’, it’s a baseball phrase. It’s used to talk about the player who is next in line to bat after the current batter.

The player who’s ‘On Deck’ is usually standing in a specific area known as the “on deck circle”. This space, located between the home plate and the player’s dugout, is where the ‘On Deck’ player practices his swing. He matches his timing with the speed of the pitcher’s throw to be ready for his turn at the bat.

There’s another term you might hear – the player who’s lined up behind the ‘On Deck’ batter is called “in the hole”. So, next time you hear ‘On Deck’, you’ll know what it refers to!

Example for using ‘On Deck’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the baseball game tonight?

Yeah, I’m on deck to bat second. Can’t wait!

That’s awesome! Do you practice in the on deck circle?

Yes, it helps me get ready for my turn at bat.