What does ORE stand for?

Old relationship energy

ORE is a slang term that describes the state of a romantic relationship that has been going on for a long time, usually several years. It goes beyond the initial excitement of a new relationship, often referred to as NRE, and is similar to ERE but with a little more depth.

While ORE can sometimes lead to feelings of boredom or routine, it also has many possible benefits. These can include feeling comfortable and at ease with each other, having emotional and financial stability, and sharing memories of parenting together.

You might come across the term ORE in text messages or online discussions about relationships. For example, someone might message you on your wedding anniversary saying “Congratulations on 8 years! You got that ORE I’m jealous of!” Or, in a relationships forum (perhaps one focused on polyamory), someone might post “I’m so addicted to that NRE high that I don’t think I’ll ever get to ORE.

Example for using ‘ORE’ in a conversation

Hey, I just celebrated my 5-year anniversary with my partner! We’ve got that ORE going on. 😊

Wow, congrats! That’s amazing! I’m happy for you! ORE sounds awesome, like a special bond that grows over time. πŸ’•

Thanks! Yeah, ORE is all about the comfort and stability we have in our relationship. It’s pretty great. πŸ˜„

I can imagine! I’m still in the NRE phase with my new partner, but I’m excited to experience ORE someday. It sounds like a different kind of love. πŸ₯°