Panic Drink

What does Panic Drink mean?

The go-to drink a person usually chooses

Ever been in a situation where you’re not ready to order a drink at a bar and you feel rushed? Well, the drink that you quickly pick without thinking much is called a panic drink.

It’s that one drink you fall back on when you’re not familiar with the menu or your surroundings. It’s your safety net that saves you from the embarrassment of not knowing what to order.

The panic drink is typically something that is commonly served in most places. It could be a simple beer, wine, or any other standard alcoholic beverage.

So, the next time you feel rushed and don’t know what to order, just stick with your panic drink. It’s your secret weapon to appear cool and smooth, even when you’re not.

Example for using ‘Panic Drink’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m meeting my date at this new bar tonight. Any recommendations on what to drink?

Just go for your panic drink. Keeps things simple and easy.

Haha, true. I’ll probably order a basic beer then. Thanks!