What does PEBCAC stand for?

Problem exists between chair and computer

If you’ve ever stumbled upon ‘PEBCAC’, it’s an acronym that folks often use in tech support circles. It humorously suggests the issue lies not with the computer, but rather with the user. In other words, it’s a polite way of saying, “The problem exists between the chair and the computer.”

Another similar term you might hear is ‘PEBKAC’. It means essentially the same thing as ‘PEBCAC’, but the ‘K’ stands for ‘keyboard’. So, in this context, the problem is jokingly being attributed to the user’s inability to properly use the keyboard.

Remember, these terms are usually used in a light-hearted manner. So if you ever hear them, don’t take it too personally. They’re just a part of the often humorous language that technical support teams use.

Example for using ‘PEBCAC’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m having trouble with my computer. It’s not turning on. Any ideas?

Hmm… Have you checked if it’s plugged in?

Yes, I’ve made sure all the cables are connected properly.

Okay, it might be a PEBCAC issue. Is the power switch turned on?

Oops! πŸ˜… I didn’t realize it was switched off. Thanks! It’s working now.