What does CBA mean?

Can’t be ar**d

When you see someone using “CBA” in text or online chat, they’re expressing a lack of motivation or interest. It’s a way of saying that they can’t be bothered to do something. For instance, a friend might grumble about her boyfriend, “He CBA to take me to the movies. He’d rather just play video games.”

Often, “CBA” is used to highlight laziness or unwillingness. It’s not typically a compliment, but rather a way to express frustration with someone’s lack of effort or enthusiasm.

The term “CBA” is actually a shortened version of the saying “can’t be arsed”. This phrase is commonly used in the UK and it basically means that someone doesn’t have the energy or desire to get up and do something. The “arse” part is a bit crude as it refers to a person’s backside, suggesting that they can’t be bothered to get off their butt.

Example for using ‘CBA’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna go grab some pizza tonight?

CBA, I’m too tired. Let’s just order in.

Come on, it’ll be fun! Plus, you don’t have to cook.

Nah, I’d rather just chill at home and watch a movie.