What does Perv mean?

Perv is short for Pervert

‘Perv’ is a short form of the term “pervert”. It is usually used in a negative way to describe someone who behaves or thinks in a sexually inappropriate or unacceptable way.

Although the term carries a heavy meaning, it’s often used playfully to tease a friend who has said or done something odd. It’s a way of telling them off for their strange comment or action.

So, when you hear someone being called a ‘perv’, it’s probably because they’ve said or done something that’s considered out of the ordinary. The term is most commonly used among friends as a light-hearted way to point out someone’s weird behavior.

Example for using ‘Perv’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that weird comment on social media?

Yeah, what a perv! Who says stuff like that?

I know, right? It’s so inappropriate.

We should call them out on it, for sure!