Porch Pirate

What does Porch Pirate mean?

A person who steals packages

A porch pirate is someone who swipes packages right from other people’s front steps, patios, or entrances. These sly thieves became even more widespread during the pandemic, as more people were shopping from home and getting things delivered from places like Amazon.

Often, porch pirates are on the lookout for boxes that might have pricey stuff inside, hoping they can sell those goods. But sometimes, they’ll take a package just because it’s an easy grab and they think they won’t be caught.

If someone has had a package taken by a porch pirate, they might share about it on social media or online community boards (like Nextdoor). For instance, a resident who’s just had a package stolen could share video of the theft, to warn neighbors and maybe even help catch the porch pirate. Or, a shop that’s been targeted by porch pirates might ask for advice on how to stop these thefts.

Example for using ‘Porch Pirate’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the porch pirate on social media?

Yeah, that guy really knows how to steal packages without getting caught. It’s crazy!

I know, right? It’s such a problem these days. People can’t even receive their deliveries in peace.

Exactly! I’ve heard of so many cases where valuable items were stolen from people’s doorsteps.