Power Leveling

What does Power Leveling mean in gaming?

A hardcore session of leveling up

Power Leveling is a term gamers commonly use when they are trying to quickly increase their character’s level in an MMORPG, like Final Fantasy XIV. It can also refer to the act of grinding for experience points in other game genres like single-player RPGs or FPS games.

There are two primary methods of power leveling in MMORPGs. Gamers can choose to do it themselves by dedicating significant time to efficient experience gathering. Alternatively, they can hire a power leveling service, such as Elderama or Gearboost, who will play their character and level it up for them.

The main goal of power leveling is to make the game less challenging for the player. Some gamers like to power level their characters at the start of the game to make the entire gaming experience smoother. Others, however, choose to power level just before they reach a tough section or battle in the game.

Example for using ‘Power Leveling’ in a conversation

Hey, have you been playing that new RPG game?

Yeah, I’ve been power leveling my character like crazy!

Nice! How far have you leveled up?

I’m already at level 30! I want to be prepared for the tough boss battles.