What does TYFP stand for in Final Fantasy XIV?

Thank you for party

In the world of MMORPGs like FFXIV, players often team up to go on adventures. These groups of characters are known as ‘parties’. After successfully completing a mission or quest, it’s common courtesy to thank the team. This is where the slang term ‘TYFP’ comes into play. It stands for ‘Thank You For Party’.

Creating a party in FFXIV is easy. You can invite people from your friends list or chat logs. Similarly, you can ask players you meet in the game to join your party. Once the mission is over, using ‘TYFP’ is a quick and easy way to express gratitude to your team members.

If someone thanks you with a ‘TYFP’, a simple reply would be ‘TY U2’, which means ‘Thank You Too’. If you had a good time with the player and want to play with them again, consider adding them to your friend list. It’s a great way to build a strong team for future quests and missions.

Example for using ‘TYFP’ in a conversation

Hey, just wanted to say TYFP for joining me on that dungeon run yesterday! 🎉

No problem! It was a blast! TYFP for inviting me. 😄

Glad you had fun! We make a great team. TYFP for being an awesome party member! 🤝

Thanks! I had a great time too. TYFP for including me. Let’s do it again sometime! 🎮