What does Rashing mean?

Making fun of someone

When you’re ‘Rashing’ someone, you’re basically throwing insults or showing disrespect towards them. This term derives from the idea of a skin rash, where the insults can continually irritate and hurt a person’s feelings, similar to a physical rash.

It’s interesting to see how slang words often represent vivid imagery. The term ‘Rashing’ isn’t about a single, fiery insult that burns a person. Instead, it’s about a series of small, stinging remarks that keep pestering a person over a period of time.

Just like a rash, these insults can continue to bother the person for days or even weeks. The term ‘Rashing’ highlights the sustained and irritating nature of the insults, rather than the intensity or severity of a single insult.

Example for using ‘Rashing’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment someone left on my post?

Yeah, they were totally rashing you! What did they say?

They called me dumb and said my ideas were useless.

That’s really mean! Don’t let their rashings get to you.