What does Ret mean in fantasy football?

Kick or punt returner

In the world of fantasy football, ‘RET’ is a special position that some players may hold. This position is held by players who return kicks and punts for their team. This position isn’t very common, but some leagues use it to create additional scoring opportunities.

‘RET’ could also be seen as a statistic category in the Defense and Special Teams (DST) position. There are various ways in which a returner can earn points for a fantasy team, including yards gained and touchdowns scored. However, they can also lose points for the team if they fumble a kick or punt.

If your roster has a ‘RET’ position, then it’s likely that it doesn’t have a DST position. This is because there would be an overlap of players. Some leagues may include a DEF position, but this isn’t always the case. Whether or not a league includes a DEF position depends on the preferences of the other teams and the commissioner.

Example for using ‘Ret’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that amazing kick return in the game last night? 🏈

Yeah, that was incredible! The RET player really made a difference for their team. πŸ™Œ

Definitely! In fantasy football, having a strong RET can give you extra points. πŸ†

True, but it’s also risky. If the RET fumbles, you’ll lose points for your team. 😬