What does Roping mean in Hearthstone?

Taking a long time on your turn to make opponents wait

In games like Hearthstone and other online card games, ‘Roping’ is a move where a player deliberately wastes time by dragging out their turn, even when they’ve got nothing left to play. The term comes from the visual of Hearthstone’s turn timer, which looks like a burning rope. When that rope burns out, it’s time for the other player to take their turn.

Usually, players resort to ‘Roping’ when they’re not exactly thrilled about their chances of winning. In addition to wasting time, these players often spam in-game comments to further irritate their opponents, hoping to push them into quitting the game out of frustration.

Even though ‘Roping’ isn’t technically against the rules, it’s generally frowned upon by the card game community. So if you’re thinking about ‘Roping’ your opponent, it might be better to just take the loss and move on to the next game.

Example for using ‘Roping’ in a conversation

Hey, do you play Hearthstone?

Yeah, I love that game! Why?

I just had the most frustrating match. My opponent kept roping me!

Ugh, that’s the worst. They were just wasting your time?