What does S/U mean?

Shut up

If you’re looking to tell someone to quiet down in a digital conversation, “S/U” is the slang to use. However, remember it’s often seen as rude, so choose wisely when to use it.

Given the constant back-and-forth and trolling that happens on the internet, there are countless occasions where you might feel the need to use “S/U”. Such instances could be when dealing with irritating online gamers, grumpy social media commentators, or pesky relatives in a family group chat.

“S/U” is just one of several abbreviations used to ask someone to stop talking. Others include “SU,” “sh^,” and the more offensive “STFU.”

Example for using ‘S/U’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment on your post?

Yeah, I did. They were being so rude!

I know, right? S/U!