Side Chick

What does Side Chick mean?

A woman who is not his main girlfriend or wife, but he is still involved with

A side chick is typically a woman who is involved with a man who’s already in a serious relationship. She’s often the ‘other woman’ in a man’s life, like a secret girlfriend to a married man. The term is derived from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and became popular through hip hop culture during the 2000s and 2010s.

The term side chick is often used in contrast to the phrase ‘main chick’, which refers to the man’s primary partner like his wife or long-term girlfriend. It’s like comparing a side dish to the main course in a meal. The side chick is the side dish, not the main event.

Side chicks may or may not be aware that they are not the only woman in their partner’s life. Some women might know about the man’s primary relationship and expect him to leave his main chick for them. Others might just enjoy his company and not mind that he’s being unfaithful.

Side chick is one term among many slang words that refer to a woman who’s involved with a man in a relationship. Other terms used to describe such women include homewreckers, hoes, and THOT.

Example for using ‘Side Chick’ in a conversation

Did you hear about Josh’s new girlfriend?

Yeah, isn’t he married?

Exactly! She’s his side chick.

Oh, I see. So he’s cheating on his wife.