What does Snap mean?

‘Snap’ means ‘Shoot!’

When someone exclaims “Snap”, they’re usually expressing surprise or disappointment. It’s a slang term that’s pretty much the same as saying “Shoot” or “Dang”. This is common in situations where there’s a sudden turn of events that catches people off guard.

You’ll often see this word paired with “Oh”, like when someone says “Oh snap!”. This adds an extra layer of surprise or shock to the phrase. It’s pretty flexible, and you can use it in various contexts, whether in verbal conversations or in written texts like messages or social media posts.

For instance, let’s say during a basketball game, a player scores a three-pointer at the last second. You might hear someone exclaim, “Oh snap!” Or, imagine a scenario where a tree suddenly falls near a passerby, narrowly missing them. That’s another situation where you might hear this phrase.

Example for using ‘Snap’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that crazy dunk last night? πŸ€

Snap! That was insane! 🀯

Right? I couldn’t believe my eyes! 😱

Oh snap! It was like he defied gravity! 🀩