What does Spicy mean?

‘Spicy’ is slang for ‘Awesome’

When you hear the term ‘Spicy’, it’s not about food. In slang, it’s a way of saying something is really cool or awesome. It’s a lot like saying something is ‘lit’.

‘Spicy’ has a bit of a kick to it, just like spicy food. It’s used when you want to say something has that extra special something.

Most often, you’ll hear ‘spicy’ being used to describe things like clothes or cars. It’s a way of saying they’re really impressive or stylish.

But when ‘spicy’ is used to describe a person, it typically means they’re sexy. It’s just like calling someone ‘hot’ or a ‘hottie’.

Example for using ‘Spicy’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this new car I just bought! πŸš— It’s so πŸ”₯

Whoa, that car is spicy! 😍

Right? It’s got that extra kick to it! 🌢️

Definitely, it’s cool and awesome! 🀩