Sprinkle Sprinkle

What does Sprinkle Sprinkle mean?

‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ means ‘Blessings’

Sprinkle Sprinkle is a popular slang phrase that translates to “blessings” or “bless your heart.” This catchy term was first used by a YouTuber named SheraSeven and has since caught on and spread like wildfire on TikTok.

SheraSeven, known for her dating advice videos, often wraps up her thoughts with the phrase “sprinkle sprinkle.” Over time, this quirky sign-off has become her trademark.

According to SheraSeven herself, the term “sprinkle sprinkle” is a versatile phrase with a lot of meanings. It can be used as a form of gratitude, an expression of agreement, or a simple acknowledgment. But above all, it’s a way to pass on blessings and abundance.

While SheraSeven’s main platform is YouTube, her content often makes its way over to TikTok. TikTokers frequently take clips from her videos, add their own touch, and reshare them. The phrase “sprinkle sprinkle” is commonly included in these clips, further spreading its popularity.

In a nutshell, as SheraSeven’s content gained traction on TikTok, so did the use of “sprinkle sprinkle,” making it a viral trend.

Example for using ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a promotion at work! πŸŽ‰

That’s amazing! Sprinkle sprinkle, my friend! 🌟

Thank you! I’m really excited about it. 🀩

You deserve it! Sprinkle sprinkle for more success! πŸ’«