What does WAGMI stand for?

We’re all gonna make it

WAGMI is a popular term used by those who are into cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and it stands for “we’re all gonna make it.” This term is often used by those who believe that they have made a wise investment choice, even when others have their doubts. The term serves to both express their excitement about their investment and to boost the morale of others who have made similar investments.

It’s not uncommon for folks in the crypto world to invest in risky or uncertain currencies and products. In such situations, when an investor has confidence in their purchase, they might use the acronym WAGMI to reassure themselves and others that they’ve made a good decision.

WAGMI is also used as a sort of cheer or slogan within the crypto community. This is particularly true when there’s some sort of uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. For instance, if there’s news about potential regulations on cryptocurrencies, you might see someone comment “Don’t worry, WAGMI” in response.

Example for using ‘WAGMI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new NFT collection?

Yeah, I checked it out. It looks pretty cool! WAGMI! πŸš€

I know, right?! I’m definitely getting in on this. WAGMI! πŸ’ͺ

Absolutely! We’re all gonna make it together! WAGMI! πŸ™Œ