What does STBY stand for?

Sucks to be you

STBY is an acronym that you might come across in chat conversations. It’s a way of expressing sympathy to someone who’s going through a rough patch, maybe due to a chain of bad luck. It’s similar to saying, “I’m relieved I’m not in your shoes right now.”

Imagine your friend, let’s call her Jane, just broke up with her boyfriend, lost her job and her car broke down. You might message her, “Wow, STBY.” This is a way of acknowledging Jane’s tough situation, while also expressing your relief that you’re not dealing with the same problems.

So next time you see STBY in a chat, you’ll know it’s a way of expressing sympathy and relief at the same time. It’s a handy bit of internet lingo to remember, especially when you want to show empathy to a friend in need.

Example for using ‘STBY’ in a conversation

Ugh, I just failed my math test. My day is ruined. 😫

STBY! At least you don’t have to go to your dentist appointment today. 🦷

True, I guess it could be worse. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ˜…

No problem! Always here to make you feel better. 😊