What does TANSTAAFL stand for?

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

Ever heard of the term ‘TANSTAAFL’? It’s a slang you’ll come across often in online chats, social media interactions, or even while playing video games. It’s a quick way of saying, “nothing comes free in life.”

For instance, imagine you’re chatting with your buddy Mike about the concert ticket you got him a while back. You could say, “Mike, you haven’t paid me back for the concert ticket. Remember, TANSTAAFL!”

Or, suppose you are in the middle of a trading session in an online game. You could use ‘TANSTAAFL’ to remind others that you’re not giving away your stuff without getting something in return.

There’s also a variation of this slang – ‘TANSTAFL’. It’s basically the same thing, but without the “A” for “a”. Some people prefer it because it’s one character less to type.

Example for using ‘TANSTAAFL’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that time you said you’d buy me lunch?

Yeah, what about it?

Well, I’m reminding you now. TANSTAAFL, my friend.

Oh, come on! Can’t you cut me some slack?