What does Supes mean?

‘Supes’ is slang for ‘Super’

Ever come across the word ‘Supes‘ on social media, while texting, or during a chat with friends? It’s a playful way to say “super” and it’s been popping up all over the place since the early 2010s. No one’s quite sure who first started using it, but it’s become quite popular, especially among young girls.

People use Supes in a bunch of different ways. Let’s say your buddy sends you a message saying, “Supes important that you get back to me ASAP.” They’re using supes to make their point seem more urgent or significant.

Another way to use Supes is when you’re describing something that’s really cute or nice. If someone says, “Your outfit is supes cute!”, they’re just expressing how much they like what you’re wearing. Just remember, while it’s all in good fun, some people may find the use of supes a bit irritating.

Example for using ‘Supes’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new superhero movie?

Yeah, it was supes awesome! The action scenes were on point. πŸ”₯

Totally agree! It’s supes important to have a good storyline too. πŸŽ₯

Definitely! A supes good plot makes the movie even more enjoyable. 🍿